Welcome to Oxford Set Dancing!

Set dancing is where you and seven others make a square set (hence the name!) and dance to very lively music, just for fun.

We walk each dance through beforehand and call the moves as you go.
It's awesome when it goes like clockwork and everyone is in more-or-less the right place at more-or-less the right time.
It's equally (but differently) awesome when no-one is remotely in the right place at the right time!
Practice makes progress though.... :-)

We meet most Mondays from 7pm until 9pm at

Corpus Christi Church Hall, Margaret Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 8NB.

It's £4 per class, which includes free tea, coffee, biscuits and chat :-)

There's no need to book in advance or sign up for a course or anything like that.
It's very relaxed. Just turn when you want. Have a dance and have some fun!
Please check that the class is on before travelling in case we have a week off.

Call, text or WhatsApp 07856 846128 to get in touch, or

Come along and discover

Oxford Set Dancing is Awesome  😁